Course Overview:

Starting a credit repair business can be tricky and sometimes difficult, but our course on creating and operating your own will hopefully help you avoid common mistakes that can hinder your company’s growth.

We’ll walk you through the process of organizing your business from licensing and registration to identifying a software program that satisfies your company’s needs. While engaged in this course, you’ll also experience a lesson on disputing your clients’ negative or inaccurate credit reports and how to get them the best possible results.

Repairing credit for clients can be very fulfilling, and New Lyfe Academy is here to assure your success as a credit repair organization. The content of this course is the cumulative knowledge of New Lyfe Financial Group LLC owner Ashley Bovan, a self-made woman with over a decade of experience to share with you. Additionally, enrolled participants will be able to navigate the program and complete the coursework at their own pace.

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